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has this been done before or….

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People who usually don’t watch football but are watching the World Cup make me sick.


That team never won anything, why are you cheering for them?


Girls only watch football for hot guys.


People who don’t know all the rules shouldn’t talk about football.


I can’t believe you’re actually wasting your time on football.


You’re only cheering for them because they’re winning.


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Brazilian police clash with indigenous groups protesting World Cup.

This is important.

The only kind of thing I’ll be posting about the World Cup

We will not see this on the main stream news.

Oh hey, let’s keep spreading this because apparently soccer is more important than the rights of poor and indigenous Brazilians.

(Like, there’s nothing wrong with liking soccer but there is EVERYTHING wrong with an organization that will literally fucking murder little children for a soccer event, and the fact that no one in the mainstream is talking about indigenous protesters being assaulted and favelas being cleared with the use of deadly force in order to make room for a stadium is sickening.)

i would usually be on you side on this but in case you have not seen it, this guys are literally carrying bows arrows and spears, making this quite an unpeaceful protest if they are carrying actual weapons and their presence is dangerous to the public the authorities have the obligación to get them off the streets, why is it that every time a pic is shown of the police interrupting some kind of protest they are shown as the bad guys, it’s not like they have other choices if this people are dangerous (im not saying they are, who knows maybe they are not and the polic are the bad guys, what i mean is that we have no context here, lets not make assumptions)

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The Pakistani women who make footballs for the World Cup earn a paltry $100 per month. [x]

At least they are employed

Many of them earn below $100. Many of them have families - often consisting of 5-7 individuals - that rely directly upon on the meager income they generate from this extremely demanding job so them being “at least employed” doesn’t protect them from any kind of economic and social precarity and it doesn’t shelter them from unemployment because labor here is cheap and readily available; the worker is dispensable to the employer/company. So the “at least employed” comment from you was not only stupid but very telling of your piss-poor understanding of wages. I understand many of you love football and will go as far as shoving it up your ass to show your dedication to it but the next time you decide opening your mouth about these workers, consider this noble thought instead: Shut the fuck up.

and you consider this noble though, express ideas and correct people on their mistakes without being an ass, people are most likely to take you seriously when you are respectful, you might have proven to know more on this subject but you have also proven your own inmaturity

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No more hate, it ruins my day

I’ve seen hate diré ted to four famous people recently here on tumblr: John Green, J.K Rowling, The freaking Pope (guys..really) and Steven Moffat thats not new.

News flash everybody, no one, and i mean no one regardless of whatever crap you think of them deserves hate, you can file all the complains you want but one thing is clear NONE OF YOU KNOW ANY OF THEM, you don’t know them personally, you don’t know their lifes, you don’t know what they think or their motives to do what they do.

If you hate John Green you make me loose faith in humanity
So what if Rowling didnt had gay characters in her books, the point is that she supports them right now whatever she though or wrote about them in the past doesnt matter.
Of course the pope doesnt support gay marriage, he is the freaking pope, he has a whole damm church with millions people who don’t support it he can’t exactly tell all of them to change their mind about it even if he wanted to, and excuse me if you think not supporting gay marriage makes him a horrible person, we will just instantly forget about all the charity and love and good deeds that this adorable old man has given to the world, because his opinión on just one issue is of course the only thing we need to consider him evil (oh, and abortion, two issues, my god he is the antichrist himself!!)
And well…Moffat, i’ve thinked long and hard about how to defend this guy, and believe me i can, but that is another very long post it would take me all day, in the end i don’t give a crap, the point is that i like his shows and in a professional level he is not ruinning anything many of the mistakes you people say he makes rusell t davis made them too and you didnt even noticed, the point is that people like his shows and as long as he takes better care of what he says in interviews i really think you people should just let it go.

Because in the en what is the point of all this, nothing, nothing at all.

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questions of sex and gender explored on tumblr dot com

This entire post is golden

it has returned.

i love this, mostly because they are disussions about gender that ocurred back in that precious time where you didnt have to get discrimination or social issues or patriarchy or feminism involved, you know just talk peacefully and have fun like freaking human beings.(i am a feminist, im just little bit tired of seeing post about it appear on my dash every two seconds)

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What i got out of E3 

Microsoft: videogames are mindless entertainment with guns and EXPLOTIONS and brrrrrrm pow pow pow BAM and stuff

Nintendo: videogames are fun for you and all the family just be happy and feel the cutsyness and the fuuuuuuuun :3

Sony: videogames are about ART, oh independent games, we stand for the little guys, so creative, much indie , such art.

Guess what guys…ALL OF YOU THREE ARE RIGHT, do all of it. Gamers out.

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what real mens activists look like (see more here)

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"For me, the issue of feminism is just not an interesting concept… Whenever people bring up feminism, I’m like, god. I’m just not really that interested." She went on to say, "I’m more interested in, you know, SpaceX and Tesla, what’s going to happen with our intergalactic possibilities."

do you really need to burn it? Look if you like the songs you like the songs, it doesnt have to have anything to do with this issue, she differs from you in certain believes that doesnt mean she is bad or not deserving of amy admiración for her work, she is ignorant about feminism, okay, many great people where, just hope she learns somedays and meanwhile just listen to whatever you want.